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IEV is glad that you're here!  Yes, there are other associations that train about equipment appraisal; however, IEV is different, focused on delivering a stellar educational program, leads for IEV Members, current resources, FREE Appraisal Report Generator, and support. 

Equipment Appraisal

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There is nothing worse than sitting before a computer screen for several hours and/or enduring no interaction with the Trainers or other Members attending that have questions.  IEV delivers includes real life examples that are key to your learning experience. 

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Within the pages within the website, you'll discover how IEV delivers an outstanding hands on approach providing its valued Members with unsurpassed proven and consistent training, resources, and support 365 days a year, 24/7 a day.  Request more information today!

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What Is The Difference Between An Equipment Appraisal And An Equipment Valuation?

Great question and we're glad that you asked!  After all, sometimes terms can be confusing and we want to provide you with the information you need.

The Answer Is:   There is no difference at all between Equipment Appraisal Training or Equipment Appraisal Valuation Training.  Just like there is no difference between the two terms when it comes to appraising equipment!  Both terms are used depending on the area of the country you're in.  The most important aspect to remember is that both an equipment appraisal and an equipment valuation are the same and both deliver an estimate of equipment value that is defensible and withstands scrutiny.  Essentially, the terms reflect upon how you choose to refer to a Certified Equipment Report.  Both the terms by an ECA refer to a USPAP compliant report.



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Substantive Ongoing Equipment Appraisal Education For Appraisers Is The Key To Achieving Success For IEV, The Clients, And IEV Members!

IEV is not the only Member Association that just thinks about education, support, and resources.  The difference?  IEV is persistent and consistently delivers.  Let us count the ways ...

  • Standing by to help 365 days a year, 24 hours a day;
  • Educational ZOOM webinars;
  • ECA Section 1 Course Training and Refresher when needed;
  • ECA Section 2 Course Training and Refresher when needed;
  • Weekly IEV Weekly Digest (Sign up is FREE);
  • Member leads, leads, leads;
  • Member's Briefcase filled with CURRENT educational materials, tools, resources, and "hot topics"; 
  • Exclusive and proprietary IEV Appraisal Report Generator; And 

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Why Is A Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal So Important?

Have You Overlooked The Equipment's Value?

Whether you're a business owner, lender, CPA, attorney, auctioneer, real estate or business valuation professional, you know that machinery and equipment has value.  Oftentimes, the professional may overlook the importance of the equipment value. When the value is not based on appraisal methodology and  backed by credible research and data, an inaccurate or skewed value may be delivered putting those that accept the value at risk of liability.  Have you ever valued equipment using one of these techniques?

  • Rely on the owner's word;bigstock-Money-Earning-Question-Concept-420688673.jpg
  • Rely on the depreciation schedule; and/or
  • Guess. 

Are You At Risk?

At last you no longer need to run the risk of liability when you rely on one of the top three value pitffuls set forth above.  You can relax and rest assured with a level of comfort when you rely on a value that is backed by data, research, appraisal methodology and reporting that is a defensible estimate of value that withstands scrutiny.  That's why relying on a Certified Equipment Appraisal by an Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) is your best and only bet.   Let us prove it to you today!



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