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ECA Section 1

  • In The Institute Of Equipment Valuation Section 1 Course, You Will Learn The Basics Of Machinery And Equipment Appraisal
    In The Institute Of Equipment Valuation Section 1 Course, You Will Learn The Basics Of Machinery And Equipment Appraisal

Earning The ECA Professional Credential Begins With Attending The

Section 1 Course That Gets You Started On Your Way To Learning And Applying Equipment Appraisal

As we have said, IEV educational training is unlike any other!  Through a one-on-one GoToMeeting designated course, you will learn the fundamentals leading toward your ECA (Equipment Certified Appraiser) professional credential. We encourage interaction, questions, and you'll enjoy the situations and stories we'll share with you that span over 35 years of experience!  We leave no stone unturned to teach you the fundamentals of machinery and equipment appraisal.  Don't forget we are available 365 / 24 / 7 to answer all of your equipment appraisal questions.

Once you've received the Excel In 2023 Fast Start Info Preview Pak,  joined IEV, and scheduled your ECA Section 1 course, you will begin the exciting journey to add the perfect compliment to your business ... machinery and equipment appraisal!

What is important to remember is that this class is interactive!  We are not a proponent of taking an online course where you are not provided the opportunity to ask questions when you have them.  We encourage comments and questions because that is how you will learn the ins and outs of equipment appraisal.  Also, this type of course allows for "real life" examples and how to apply them. To get you started, you'll receive the Go To Meeting log in information and training documents via email to follow along and to make notes. 

Having said that, these are the areas that will begin your journey ... the nuts and bolts that will lay the foundation to earning the professional credential of Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA):

  • About IEV
  • Machinery & Equipment 101 - The Basics!
  • Target Markets
  • USPAP Standards 7 and 8
  • Marketing Strategies
  • How do you sell an appraisal? Let's Role Play!
  • Bidding an assignment -- how to do this seamlessly!
  • Data Collection - The key to obtaining information regarding the equipment. ( don't need to know anything about equipment)
  • And much, much more!
  • Looking Forward to Section 2


Space Is Limited To Give YOU Undivided Attention.


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