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ECA Section 2

What One Of Our Member Said About The ECA Section 2 Course...


The ECA Section 2 Course Is The Next Step To Earn Your

ECA Equipment Certified Appraiser Professional Credential

Do you feel comfortable with the information you learned in Section 1?  Are you ready to grab hold and apply your new found education and knowledge conducting a machinery and equipment appraisal?  Are you ready to learn the key elements of an equipment appraisal enabling you to deliver a defensible estimate of value that withstands scrutiny? 

The ECA Section 2 Course applies what you learned during the ECA Section 1 course.  Briefly, below is a brief outline to what you'll study:

  • Refresh of ECA Section 1
  • How to value support, ancillary, furniture, and electronics
  • Research, research, research - Tools and resources in the Member's Briefcase
  • Writing a USPAP compliant Certified Equipment Appraisal Report with the exclusive IEV Appraisal Report Generator included in Training Fee
  • Demonstration Exam

The examination is essential for you to prove you have truly mastered ECA Sections 1 and Section 2.  One section of the exam is a written essay on aspects of equipment appraisal.  The second section of the examination will be actually writing a USPAP compliant report.  You'll be provided with a depreciation schedule to begin, you'll perform the research, and write the report.  Do not sweat about writing the report, you will be provided our exclusive IEV Appraisal Report Generator! (Just so you know, it is USPAP compliant, populates, and is revolutionary!) 

It is important to note, IEV provides you with all the tools and resources that you need for equipment appraisal within the "Member's Only Briefcase".