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Looking For A Home Away From Home?

If You Feel Like You Don't Have A HOME For Your Equipment Appraisal Certification...

IEV Is Your BEST Solution


Let's say that you have trained and certified as an Equipment Appraiser with another organization in the past.  After all, there are many equipment appraisal associations that are wonderful; however, the ball has been dropped and you're feeling left out and missing a professional network of like minded Equipment Appraisers who are evolving and capturing business opportunities.




Consider And REALLY Think About These Situations Because They Are REAL...

  • If you're not paying monthly or annual fees, you are no longer considered a Member in good standing and may have LOST your certification!
  • What happens when a potential client calls to validate your membership and certification and you haven't been paying your dues and the organization does not consider you to be a member?  Yikes!  This situation happens ALL the time unfortunately.
  • What happens when you receive a subpoena from an attorney for testimony on your report and you haven't maintained your membership or need help with your testimony and what to expect?  Do you really want to go there?
  • Are you being provided support when you need a question answered?
  • Are you being provided CURRENT resources?
  • Are you being provided with a CURRENT USPAP compliant Equipment Appraisal Report?
  • Are you being provided with an avenue to market your equipment appraisal certification as well as your profession?

At A Loss Because You Are Missing Out?

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 Depending Upon Your Experience, You Can Grandfather Into IEV

You will also be provided with an exemplary home with our many benefits, resources, and growth potential.  Don't put off tomorrow that which will help you today!

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