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Who Benefits From Equipment Appraisal Training

  • Professionals Who Benefit From Earning The Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) Credential
    Professionals Who Benefit From Earning The Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) Credential

You May Be Surprised Which Professionals Can Benefit By Earning The ECA Professional Credential Through The Institute Of Equipment Valuation 

Through years of experience training, certifying, and supporting Equipment Appraisers, we can honestly say that learning equipment appraisal is not only a resume builder, but it provides you with a win / win with your client.  In addition, the added knowledge of equipment appraisal will attract additional clients who have equipment but do not know who to contact to value the equipment.  Those clients have a need and are searching for the solution.  Let's be honest, you are interested in attracting additional business and being the solution for your current client base.  The Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) professional credential does just that!

The overwhelming factors for anyone in adding the ECA credential is clear cut: 

  • There are only approximately 450 Appraisers who are qualified and CERTIFIED to appraise equipment;
  • ROI is swift since you can earn on just ONE appraisal the cost of the IEV courses;
  • Expands business opportunities and network;
  • Reduces your risk of liabilitly;
  • Provides additional professional credibility; and
  • Enables you to surpass your competition.

Let's briefly examine which professionals we have worked with and why:


  • Learn how to find out what the equipment is REALLY worth before an auction ... you'll be the hero.
  • Puts you front and center when a business owner, lender, and others need to liquidate their equipment.
  • Effectively and confidently list and sell a business when you KNOW what the equipment is worth.
  • When there is "little" or "no" goodwill, hang your hat on the value of the equipment.
  • When the business has equipment, you NEED to know what it is worth, especially when you're examining the Asset Approach.
  • Provides you additional professional credibility when you KNOW what the equipment is worth.
  • Buyers and sellers look to Dealers to tell them what the equipment is REALLY worth.
  • Puts you ahead of the competition in attracting buyers and sellers when you hold a professional credential.
  • Reduces the risk of defaulting on a loan when the value of the equipment is known.
  • Provides a great resume builder and position when the value of the equipment is REALLY known.
  • Flexibility to work for yourself, establish your own hours and assignment fees that you charge.
  • No, the Institute of Equipment Valuation is NOT a franchise!  You are your own boss -- we help you succeed.


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