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What Are The Qualifications For Membership And To Earn The

Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) Professional Designation?

Needless to say, all too often a membership organization becomes a "good ole boy's club" where anyone can join and membership becomes only a bigstock-Customer-blue-puzzle-pieces-as-27135902.jpgresume builder.  We've all run across such an organization where to get you through the door, they provide smoke and mirror, puff and fluff.  That is not the type of membershp organization you'll find at the Institute of Equipment Valuation (IEV).                                                                                                                       

You'll quickly discover at IEV we are active, evolving, and desire to exceed a member's expectations with regards to education, support, and tools.  We are dedicated to our Members and are actively involved with our membership reaching out with a regular and frequent PPI initiative.  What is a PPI initiative?  Great question and we're glad that you asked!  A PPI is your very own Personal Progress Interview where we check in with you at least once a month to see how it is going, what you may need, what we can help you with, and get your ideas about what other strategies, tools, and innovations we can provide to you and the membership to help achieve success and goals.  In other words, we are with you every step of the way!

There Are 3 Requirements To Become A Member Of The Institute of Equipment Valuation

1.   First and foremost, you must be a business professional who desires to grow their business and achieve success for themselves and their clients.

2.   You may also be eligible to Grandfather in from another organization who has a professionally credible Equipment Appraiser designation; and/or 

3. Enroll in our exclusive two section ECA training program.

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