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Bill Roden

Bill Roden

Bill Roden


Member, Consultant, Finance/Leasing


P.O. Box 816

Argyle, Texas 76226 United States

About Bill

Bill Roden is an Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With 40 years’ experience financing, valuing, and selling machinery and equipment, he brings unique perspective to both his finance and appraisal clients.

  • Equipment Financing support for fellow IEV appraisers and his customers through long term relationships with an extensive network of banks and finance companies, with a goal of providing equipment owners with the best possible combination of rate and terms, whether for a single unit, or a fleet.
  • Appraisal Services and ongoing valuation support to banks, finance companies, accountants and business owners, primarily in the South Central U.S.