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John Shumate

John Shumate

John Shumate

Data Specialist



99 Riley Street

Newark, Ohio 43055 United States

About John


I have a long history of Excelled Performance in many areas of business.  I’ve sold door to door and have experience in many other areas, such as, Telemarketing, Employee Management and Corporate Marketing.   I’ve run my own business for the last 25 years and kept busy with many other personal ventures.  My expertise lies in working with people and finding creative solutions to solve problems and stream line the process.  I’m mature, dependable and a team player.

Finding someone like me is worth every penny of stress relief, satisfaction and security that I bring to the table.

Business Skills

·         Management

·         Organizational Skills

·         Sales

·         Research Analysis

·         Lead Generation

Personal Skills

·         People Oriented

·         Motivated

·         Focused

·         Hard Worker