Find Out Why We Are The Unsurpassed Experienced And Professional Leaders Of Equipment Certified Appraisers


  • Unsurpassed Equipment Certified Appraiser Training By Leading Industry Professionals
    Unsurpassed Equipment Certified Appraiser Training By Leading Industry Professionals
  • Request Your ECA Preview Pak Today To Find Out What You've Been Missing
    Request Your ECA Preview Pak Today To Find Out What You've Been Missing

tn_bigstock-Business-Team-2922521.jpgIEV Provides You With The Training And Knowledge You Need To Succeed

You Have NOTHING To Lose And Everything To Gain

We've got what it takes to provide you with comprehensive  education you need to become a professionally credible Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA).  We have over a combined 35 years of experience appraising all types of equipment in nearly every industry for lenders, CPAs, attorneys, business owners, courts, and others.

Our innovative training is interactive conducted via Go To Meeting using your phone and powerpoint that you are provided to follow along and use as a continued resource.  Since valuing equipment is a special type of appraisal, we have found that breaking the course down into two comprehensive Sections is advantageous for the appraiser.   

Section 1 provides a member with the instruction to grasp the core principals of equipment appraisal.  You will learn how to efficiently and effectively market equipment appraisal to our target markets and collect the needed data.  Collection of data is the backbone of a certified appraisal and must be conducted with precision. 

Section 2 is taken when the member has demonstrated comprehensive data collection and feels comfortable with the knowledge and steps provided in Section 1.  Now, the member is ready to learn how to conduct intensive research to determine value based on the approaches to value.  Finally, the member learns how to write a USPAP compliant appraisal report that is a defensible estimate of value that withstands scrutiny. 

Remember...We're With You EVERY Step Of The Way 

Learning Is Ongoing At IEV

Once a member joins IEV, whether they have earned the professional credential of ECA or is in the process of moving through the educational Sections, the bigstock-E-learning-Concept-of-educati-95422349.jpglearning continues to evolve and the support for assistance is 24/7, 365 days a year.  Here's just a brief overview of what other types of education you can receive:

  • Industry specific webinars
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Exclusive Member Login which contains forms, industry conditions, research links, and much, much more.
  • FREE refresher ECA training when you want to fine tune your equipment appraisal knowledge and skills.


If You've Been Waiting For The Right Compliment To Your Business To Come Along, You've Come To The Right Place

At IEV, our goal is to support you and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.  Let us show you how IEA through its 4 Prong Approach succeeds where others fall short.  Request today your up close and personal view of what we're all about, training, benefits,  fees and much more in our exclusive Fast Start  Info Preview Pak Click here and we'll rush it to your email.