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Section 2

  • Section 2:  You're On Your Way To Earning The ECA Professional Credential
    Section 2: You're On Your Way To Earning The ECA Professional Credential

You've Learned About Equipment Appraisal ...

Now It's Time To Take The Next Step To Refresh Your Skill, Find Out Vital Information About Research, And Take Your Exam!

Do you feel comfortable with the information you learned in Section 1?  Are you ready to grab hold and apply your new found education and knowledge?  Are you ready to learn the key elements of an equipment appraisal?

Great!  Below is a brief overview of what you'll learn in Section 2:

  • Refresh of Section 1
  • Research, research, research
  • Writing a USPAP compliant Certified Equipment Appraisal Report
  • Examination

The examination is essential for you to prove you have truly mastered Sections 1 and Section 2.  One section of the exam is a written essay on aspects of equipment appraisal.  The second section of the examination will be actually writing a USPAP compliant report.  You'll be provided with a depreciation schedule to begin, you'll perform the research, and write the report.  Do not sweat about writing the report, you will be provided a report template you can customize. 

It is important to note, IEV provides you with all the tools you need for equipment appraisal within the "Member's Only Briefcase".

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