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Gold Standard Of Excellence

All too often the public does not know who to trust when it comesbigstock-Excellence-D-Gold-Badge-With--100506833.jpg
to a machinery and equipment appraisal. After all, the public may
rely on book value, an invoice, guess, or a depreciation schedule
to determine value.  A vast majority of the public are unsuspecting
as to what the equipment is really worth. The public may not
realize that the above methods to determine a value is not only
inaccurate but may be filled with the risk of liability. For those
reasons, an equiupment appraisal delivered by an ECA or EECA
is intended to preserve the public trust backed by stellar ethical
and reporting of a defensible and substanted estimate of value.
There is no assignment that is too large or too small in any industry for an ECA or EECA who has vast experience, knowledge and skill.

bigstock-Business-People-Blue-1254320.jpgWhen You Want And Need  The Best-Of-The-Best, Don't Take Any Chances!

When You Contact An ECA Or EECA Equipment Appraiser Today, You'll Know With Certainty And Confidence That An IEV Equipment Appraiser Follows, Promotes, And Maintains These 4 Benchmarks Of Our

                                                      Code Of Ethics And Gold Standard Of Excellence...



Education And Certification
USPAP Compliant
Advocate Of The Appraisal
Substantiated And Defensible

IEV provides two compresnsive training courses.  Each course requires passing an intensive and challenging Demonstration Report which tests the knowledge and skill level of an IEV Appraiser.  Only those Members who demonstrate their knowledge and skill are awarded the professional designation of Equipment Certified Appraiser (ECA) and Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser (EECA).

USPAP is the abbreviation for the Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice. IEV and its Members uphold and promote the ethical obligations and reporting requirements of Standards 7 and 8 relating to personal property appraisers.  Each appraisal assignment and subsequent Appraisal Report generated by an ECA and EECA meets and exceeds Standards 7 and 8 of USPAP.

Following and adhering
to Standard 7 of USPAP regarding ethical obligations, IEV Members are only an advocate of the appraisal and NOT of any person or entity who may desire or request a predetermined 
equipment value. An ECA and EECA's values are based on substantiation and consideration of the approaches to value.

Each ECA and EECA Member reviews with their Client the desired scope of work to be conducted.  Upon engagement, Members consider and apply the approaches
to value and levels of trade for each item that is appraised documenting data obtained to deliver a defensible estimate of value that is substantiated and will hold up under scrutiny.